Phew – where to start?!

2012 has been an absolutely incredible year for me. I honestly don’t think I will have another year like this one again, it has just been amazing.  Before I even start talking about the weddings I have captured and all the amazing people I have met, here are just a few personal highlights from this year:

  • In January I was a speaker at the 2012 SWPP Convention in London, one of Europe’s largest photographic conventions
  • In March I was named the BIPP North West Wedding Photographer of the Year. Along with winning the overall wedding photographer title, I also won both the Classical and Creative Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards – I was gobsmacked!
  • Also in March, I was the invited  speaker to a large photographic society in London about wedding photography, very exciting!
  • In October, myself and my good friend and fellow wedding photographer Liam Crawley hosted our first Wedding Photography Workshop in Manchester. The event was a huge success and we are already planning more in the future 🙂
  • Finally, literally as I type, Michelle and I are about to move out of our lovely flat in readiness of buying a house next year – so exciting!

As well as these highlights, my photographs were also featured in numerous wedding magazines such as Your Manchester Wedding and Pure Weddings and wedding blogs including Love My Dress and English Wedding.

All these things wouldn’t have been possible though were it not for all the wonderful bride and grooms who booked me to photograph their wedding so I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all my amazing bride and grooms. I always seem to be so so lucky in working with such lovely people.  This year’s weddings have all been absolute incredible and I have loved being a part of so many special days.  It’s impossible to mention all the highlights I have been lucky enough to experience this year but I will remember then all for a very long time.  I am sure that I will remain friends with many of my bride and grooms this year for a very long and that is one of the nicest aspects of my job 🙂

I am already only one booking away from being fully booked for 2013, which is just amazing.  So, as well as wishing to thank all the bride and grooms I have worked with this year, I would also like to thank all those lovely couples who have booked me to photograph their wedding next year – I can’t wait!!  Again, I am lucky enough to be photographing weddings in so many stunning venues, some of which I have worked at before but others which will be new to me like a big blank canvas – including a wedding in Greece! 🙂

So the only thing left is to introduce my 2012 best of slideshow….!  Putting this slideshow together made me realise a few different things. Firstly, choosing a slideshow of less than 100 images, from a total of around 17,000 which I will have delivered to my bride and grooms is an almost impossible task.  Secondly, looking back through all my weddings from this year makes me realise how incredibly lucky I am to do the job I do.  There are so many people out there who do jobs they don’t enjoy, yet here I am taking photographs of people on their happiest day of their lives. I will never get complacent in realising just what a privaledged position I am in.  I have tried to include a variety of images from different parts of the wedding day, from each of the weddings which I have photographed this year.  I hope you all enjoy it!

To all my bride and grooms and my family and friends, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!! Thank you all again x