Nanteos Mansion Wedding Photography


Zoe and Adam’s wedding at Nanteos Mansion in Aberystwyth was absolutely amazing. It was a pleasure to be part of such a special day and one that I will always remember.

As a wedding photographer, the number one thing that I want from a wedding is real emotion. Witnessing real moments, that capture how people feel in that split second is what it’s all about for me. At some weddings these special moments are quite fleeting but at Zoe and Adam’s wedding they were everywhere. There was a genuine sense of love and heartfelt emotion running through the whole of the day. It was a dream day to photograph.

I travelled down to Aberystwyth in Wales the day before the wedding and met Zoe and Adam for the first time at Nanteos Mansion. From the moment I first arrived, I couldn’t have felt more welcome and that meant an awful lot to me. I instantly couldn’t wait for the wedding day the next morning. It was obvious that it was going to be a really special day.

The love they both have for each other is so real and being around them makes you happy. They are awesome.

Thank you both so much for asking me to be your wedding photographer. I loved being a part of your day and I wish you all the very best for your marriage together. It is so obviously going to be a very long and happy one and nothing less than you both deserve x

The story of Zoe & Adam’s wedding at Nanteos Mansion in Wales

How did your both meet and how did he propose to you?

We met at Adam’s housemate’s birthday party. I rocked up with a friend. Adam was serving cocktails in the corner of the room and I mistook him for the ‘hired help’, awkward! After a brief encounter in the kitchen, where I trapped my finger in a door and looked to him for sympathy, he muttered over his shoulder, “You’ll live”. It was another 3 months before our paths crossed again and this time he wooed me with terrible dad jokes and the promise of Salsa lessons. Which in fact was our first date!

Adam had told me we were going to a spa in the UK for my 27th birthday. When we arrived at Kings Cross station, he revealed we were in fact going to Paris! We arrived in our hotel, which was overlooking the Eiffel tower, as it turned 9pm. The Eiffel Tower started sparkling and the Concierge encouraged us to hurry to our room to get a better view.

We then raced upstairs, I launched on to the balcony and started taking pictures with my phone. Adam joined me moments later and I quote, said “Let’s get this over with…” and bent down to the floor. I was still absorbed by the sparkly tower and knowing he hates photographs thought he was kneeling to get in the shot. I started shouting at him to stand up as he wasn’t in the picture, oblivious to the fact he had a ring in his hand! Adam spent what he describes “as a lifetime”, when in fact it was probably a mere few seconds, looking at me in bemusement.

He then realised I had not noticed, took my phone and threw it. That was the moment I realised he was in fact proposing! The rest is a bit of blur. There was lots of shouting and screaming from me. I don’t think I answered for a few minutes as I was in a state of shock. This came as a big surprise! I then said yes and we spent the evening drinking Champagne, eating macaroons and messaging everyone on the planet!

How did you find wedding planning? Do you have any tips for other brides?

I loved the wedding planning. We were a good team. I would generate far too many ideas and Adam would help me cull them back! I think my two biggest pieces of advice would be; be as organised as you can be and have some sort of wedding theme.

In terms of organisation we returned to Aberystwyth (my home town), where we knew would be the location of the wedding. We looked at every venue possible in three days. Unbelievably, we had booked the venue within a week! One of my bridesmaids bought me an amazing wedding folder so I generated lists and the app ‘Guide for Brides’ is priceless! Start early, get the big things booked first and break it down into monthly tasks!

Theme – As we met and live in London, we wanted to have a London bus transport our guests. We booked the London bus early on, then created the theme for the wedding and everything else fell in around this. This also helped to make the day really personal. From having the tables named after tube stops that had personal relevance, to having our invitations sent out as tickets. It all tied in. We then adapted this to fit with our colour scheme of pastel, blushes and green.

The only other thing I would say, is do not let wedding planning consume you. The wedding planning was a big thing in our lives but it certainly did not take over and did not become the only thing we spoke about. So many brides have spoken about getting the wedding blues afterwards, I have not experienced this yet and hope not to. Don’t lose sight of why you are getting married. The wedding is a big party but we were more excited to be spending the rest of our lives together. The wedding is the beginning! Cheesy and cliché, but true.

What was your favourite part of your wedding day at Nanteos Mansion?

There are too many to say! My highlights include walking down the aisle, the flashmob choir and the speeches.

I think the best money we spent was for the wedding photographer (genuinely not just saying this as it is for your blog Neil!) and the videographer. The day is such a whirlwind, filled with emotion you do not get to see and experience so many of the special moment between people on the day. Having skilled and talented people capture your day is PRICELESS and will remain with you forever > Thank you so much!

Here are my favourite Nanteos Mansion wedding photographs:

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