SWPP Awards – June 2008

Each month the SWPP (one of the UK’s largest photographic organisations) holds a competition for it’s members, whereby photographers are invited to submit their images for marking.

There are 22 categories in total and each member is able to submit one image per category. Due to the relevance of the categories, I tend to submit photos in 5 or 6 categories each month.

Each photograph is then individually judged and awarded one of four classifications; unclassified (not good!), bronze, silver or gold.

I do not know the official statistics, and obviously the figures change each month, but I would estimate that around half the images get bronze, a quarter get unclassified and the remaining quarter receive either silver or gold (although gold is probably awarded to only 5% or so of the submitted images).

I have only been entering the competition for the past three months. The first month I submitted two photographs which both received bronze, the second month I received one silver and 5 bronzes and last month I received 3 silvers and 3 bronzes.

I was obviously very pleased with June’s results and it is encouraging to see that my results have been improving month on month so far.

The images for which I received silver in last month’s competition are below:

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