Engagement shoots, or pre-wedding shoots as they are also known, are brilliant!

When I meet couples one of the things they almost always say to me is that they are “not good in front of the camera” or that “we have never had a nice photograph of the two of us”. Almost everybody whose wedding I photograph seems to start off thinking this yet I can honestly say that I have never met a couple who I haven’t enjoyed photographing and who afterwards haven’t loved the shots we’ve taken together.

Most couples are quite nervous about having their photograph taken and that’s perfectly natural – it’s also why engagement shoots become such a great thing for us to do before the wedding. We spend an hour or two chatting and taking photographs. It’s all very relaxed – not scary at all, I promise!

Engagement shoots are great as they give couples confidence, they see that having their photograph taken isn’t something to be worried or nervous about and most importantly, they will see that they DO look amazing on camera!

The shoots are fun and I find that they are beneficial to both of us. Not only do they give couples confidence before the wedding day itself, they also give us a chance to get to know each other better, something which I find really makes a really nice difference on the wedding day.

I also love engagement shoots as they give me a chance to experiment and try out difference things which maybe I wouldn’t on the wedding day itself. There are no time pressures at all on the engagement shoot so it means that we can take our time and make the shoots fun!

There are lots of engagement shoot photographs below which will give you an idea of the sort of shots we take. Following the shoot I provide you with the full size, high resolution, edited files which you are welcome to use to make your own prints with and share with your family and friends.

Some couples choose to have their engagement shoot quite soon after they book me, which can often be well in advance of a year before their wedding day, and they have used the photographs we’re taken on their save the dates and wedding invitations, others choose to have the shoot nearer to the wedding day and others decide that they would prefer not to have one at all.

As with everything which I offer, it is entirely up to the couple themselves but I like them to know that the option is always there!

Latest Engagement Shoots

  • portrait of couple taken at sunset at Entwistle Reservoir
    Entwistle Reservoir Engagement Shoot - Gemma & Stephen
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  • engagement shoot photograph in Lancashire
    Eaves Hall engagement shoot - Francesca & Prashant
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  • Manchester engagement shoot - Sarah & Simon
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  • Hampstead Heath engagement shoot - Clare & Matthew
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  • Merseyside engagement shoot - Katrina & James
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  • sunset photograph at Fromby
    Formby Beach engagement shoot - Hayley & James
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  • Engagement shoot in Cheshire - Aneliese & Andrew
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  • Engagement shoot at Salford Quays - Zoe & Ben
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  • London pre-wedding shoot
    London engagement shoot - Jo and James
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  • Peak District engagement shoot - Lindsey & Fharhad
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