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Date: Likely to be February or March 2016

Location: North West

Exciting news! I am planning on holding my own wedding photography workshop in early 2016 – places will be strictly limited to just 8 people:-)

I am still working out how the day will run at the moment but I hope to cover both business and shooting as I would really like to cover all aspects of what it takes to become a successful wedding photographer.

The wedding photography workshops in Manchester which I have run with my good friends Liam and Bee Crawley have always been hugely successful with over 50 photographers attending our various workshops, so I can’t wait to finalise my plans for this one – it’s going to be awesome!

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Winter wedding photography workshop

I am still planning the running order of the workshop but I do know that I want to focus on these areas for the shooting side of the day. From all the workshops I have run in the past I know the areas which are most useful to cover and I will make sure that we go over all of these so that you get the most possible out of the day.

The great things about holding a workshop at this time of year is that we will get the chance to shoot in both daylight and darkness, something which isn’t really possible with summer workshops. Hopefully we will also have some rain or even snow!

The workshop will be very relaxed and as well as demonstrating to you how I shoot, I also want the day to be very hands on, so everyone will get the chance to take their own shots as well. This is very important as I have always find that it is easier to learn through practice rather than having somebody just talking to you.

A few of the areas I will definitely be covering are:

Natural light portraits and loose posing

With this being a winter wedding workshop I’m assuming we won’t have the light for too long (plus this is the North West of England!) but whilst it’s there I will show you how I shoot in natural light – both indoors and outdoors – and how I communicate with my couples to bring out various emotions.

I will also demonstrate how I pose without posing. The couples who book me don’t want to be overly posed and I don’t want to overly pose them but I do give them some suggestions so that we get the most out of the light without anything being forced. Utilising the light and knowing how to use it to it’s best effect makes all the difference between a good and a bad photograph – as I will show you!


Off camera flash

On all the workshops which I have run in the past, the area that most people want help with is off camera flash. It’s a biggie! For a photographer with limited experience, or someone who has actively tried to avoid using flash in the past, the idea of taking the flash off the camera can be quite daunting and they assume that it is difficult but I can assure you that it’s not! You will quickly gain confidence in how to use off camera flash to create cool and creative effects which bride and grooms love.

Once the light starts to fade, I will talk you through the particular equipment which I use (speedlights, triggers and softboxes) and how with practice you can have everything set up in literally a few minutes. Even if you don’t intend to use off camera flash very much, it is still always useful to know how to use it just in case. High ISO is great but there are certain scenarios at weddings where I don’t think I could get by without using flash. This doesn’t always include portraits either, off camera flash can be a huge help with other parts of the wedding day too such as the speeches and first dance.

For winter weddings especially, having the ability to use off camera flash is almost essential and once you have confidence in using it, a whole new world of creative possibilities will open up. You’ll never need to be afraid of a dark wedding venue again!

Video lights

I will also show you the video lights which I use and how they can be used to create some really cool portraits. Whilst not as powerful as speedlights, video lights are great as they are continuos, meaning you can see exactly what you are getting with them.

Again, for dark venues and winter weddings, video lights are brilliant to have in your bag and I will show you how to use them quickly so you don’t have to be scared once the sun goes down:)


Special tips and tricks for awesome creative effects

One of the things I most enjoy showing people on my wedding photography workshops is some simple tricks which you can use to instantly take your portraits from good to awesome. Some of these I do using some of the more ‘unusual’ things in my camera bag (don’t be scared!) whilst a couple of others can be done by things which you can find around you at any wedding venue.

Finally, a couple of well earned drinks!

As with all the other wedding photography workshops I have run in the past, after the workshop, I will be inviting everyone to the pub afterwards where we can all unwind and talk about the day and socialise together. This is key to my philosophy as I believe that wedding photographers should be see each other as friends, not competitors.

This is a chance to get to know each other better. One the things I have been most proud about with the Redfern and Crawley workshops has been the friendships which have been made on the courses so hopefully I’ll see most of you at bar afterwards!


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