Merewood Country House Hotel Wedding Photography – A wedding in the Lake District

Kerry and Adrian’s wedding at the Merewood Country House Hotel in the Lake District was an extra special wedding for me as Kerry and I were friends at University. I always love photographing the weddings of friends and I knew that Kerry’s day was going to be amazing.

I met Adrian for their first time on their engagement shoot in Anglesey and we all had a great time so I knew that the wedding was going to be perfect.

This was also the first wedding I had photographed at The Merewood Country House Hotel and and I really enjoyed it. I love the Lake District, so much so in fact that Michelle and I chose to get married in the Lakes ourselves, at a venue literally just over the road from the Merewood!

Massive congratulations again to you both Kerry and Adrian. It was so good to be a part of your day and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together 🙂 x

Here is Kerry with her wedding story:

How did you first meet Adrian?
We met on the internet whilst we both lived in London… turns out we lived near each other! We had been chatting for a few weeks then decided to meet up for a drink, the evening went very quick and he came back to mine for coffee (and yes it was just coffee)… and that was it, he never left!

How did Adrian propose?
There is a long and short story to this. The short story is, we bought the ring together and then he asked me one morning at my parents place, very chilled and so us.

Now the long story is he had been trying to do it on a trip to Thailand, but he said he decided not to as had not asked my dad and that I kept changing my mind on the style of rings I liked! On a visit back to the UK for Christmas in 2012 we went into Manchester and decided to look at rings, I found one I loved so right there and then Adrian said, we’ll take it. I was glued to the spot and just grinned like a loony at the sales lady. We left the shop and Adrian said we are not engaged yet! So I couldn’t tell anyone.

We also had a mini trip up to the Lake District whilst in the UK and I was convinced this is where he was going to do it, but still nothing (turns out he had planned on doing it there and got up at 6am to ask my dads permission, but my dad had overslept and was late for work so ran out the door before Adrian got chance to ask!)

New Year then came and went and still no ring so at this point I thought he was planning on something when we were back in Asia. So it was a total shock when we were sat on the sofa, still in our pjs when he pulled the ring out and asked me.

How did you find wedding planning? Do you have any tips for other brides?
We thought it was going to be tough planning from so far away, but it was actually quite easy (thanks to internet and Skype!) We both decided pretty early on that we wanted the whole day to be personal to us and out guests so that helped when looking for what we wanted.

My tip to future brides is relax and enjoy your planning, do what is right for the both of you. It is your day and you will never please everyone. Start with your budget, work out how much you are willing to spend on certain things and what is most important to you. We had a spreadsheet with the max we wanted to spend on things, some things we went over budget but then made up for it on other area’s by getting great bargains.

Why did you choose The Merewood Country House Hotel?
Deciding which country to get married in was the hardest decision! We live in Singapore, I’m from the UK and Adrian is from South Africa it wasn’t easy! Having decided on the UK the only place we could think of getting married was in the Lake District as we both love it there.

We searched venues on the internet and then came across The Merewood Country House Hotel and immediately fell in love with it, we sent my parents to go take a look and my Mum called me all excited from the car park saying its perfect and asked me if they should put the deposit down? It was booked there and then, we went to visit a few months later and it was beyond what we expected, pictures certainly do not do the hotel any justice!

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?
I loved the whole day, it is full of lots of small things that made it so special. I think apart from becoming Adrian’s wife, having all of our family and friends together at the same time was very special. Oh and I need to mention a memorable moment involving Neil! We still laugh at the image of him wading into the lake to get “that” photograph, a wave soaking him and us all being squashed into his car (Neil, our videographer, Adrian, Me and a step ladder) whilst he crashed the car into a stone wall! Hahahahahaha… sorry Neil but it was funny! >> I will always remember this too, apologies again!

I still remember you saying you wanted to be a wedding photographer Neil and we have followed you since you started, there really was no other choice when it came to deciding on who we wanted to take our photographs and we were not wrong, you really did capture our day perfectly xx


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