Off camera flash workshops

Eaves Hall

Last week I held two off camera flash wedding photography workshops at the stunning Eaves Hall in Lancashire – and what a brilliant couple of days it was!

This was a new format of workshop for me, in the past I have concentrated more on posing using natural light and being creative, whereas these workshop were all about how to use flash at a wedding.

Using flash at a wedding isn’t for everyone but for wedding photographers based in the UK I do feel as though it is necessary to know how to use it if need be. The weather in the UK is always unpredictable so for those wedding days where it may be constantly raining outside or for winter weddings, especially when coupled with a dark venue, then having the ability to shoot well with off camera flash can make the difference between average photographs and excellent photographs.

On the workshop I covered not only how I use speedlights for bride and groom portraits, but also how I use flash for other parts of the wedding day as well, such as the speeches, reception and first dance.

Eaves Hall was the perfect venue for the workshops as not only is it incredibly photogenic both inside and outside, but it also quite dark in places inside, which lends itself perfectly for off camera flash photographs. I timed the workshops so that we started at 1pm and finished at 8pm, this was important as that meant that we had time to take portrait photographs outside in the dark.

A huge thank you to everyone who attended these two workshops and a massive thank you to my models Louisa, Adam and James, who were all amazing. A big thank you also to all the staff at Eaves Hall for being so great to work with.

Both workshops sold out almost immediately and the feedback I received from the photographers who attended has been fantastic so I will definitely be holding another flash workshop towards the end of the year. If you are interested in attending then please add yourself to my mailing list below so that you are amongst the first to know when the new date is released 🙂

Here are a few of my favourite images from the two workshops:

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indoor silhouette photograph of bride and groom
ocf photograph of bride and groom outside Eaves Hall
off camera flash portrait of Groom
off camera flash photo taken at wedding photography workshop
photograph of bride and groom using smoke bomb
off camera flash shot of bride and groom taken on wedding photography workshop at Eaves Hall
creative image of bride and groom taken inside Eaves Hall
evening portrait of newlyweds taken using off camera flash

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