two bride hugging during wedding ceremony on farm

It’s hard to know where to start with Lauren and Tara’s rustic wedding on a farm. For a photographer like me who is obsessed with capturing real moment and genuine emotion, this was the absolutely perfect day. Emotion, smiles, tears, laughter, hugs and genuine love was absolutely everywhere. This was a celebration in every sense of the word and it was an absolute privilege to witness and photograph it all.

Lauren and Tara are good friends with one of my previous couples, the amazing Liz and Ruth, and I knew that is their day was anything like Liz and Ruth’s it was going to be brilliant – and that is exactly what it was.

Lauren and Tara, who coincidentally are one of the nicest and most welcoming couple you I could ever wish to meet, had actually got married in South Africa earlier in the year but had a second wedding in England so they could share everything with their friends and family in the UK. Their wedding celebrations took place on a beautiful farm owned by their friends – and Lauren and Tara had also lived their themselves in the past, which made it the perfect venue for their celebrations.

The day couldn’t have started any better. Lauren and Tara walked down a hill to where their ceremony would take place. This was one of the best “aisles” ever, as all their guests could see them walking towards them and the sense of happiness and emotion in the air was just incredible. The ceremony couldn’t have been any nicer – so full of joy. And then the party really started and it was al l so, well, perfect.

After that it was all about celebrating, laughing and partying with their guests. And what a party it was! There was hardly a dry eye in the house during Lauren’s speech and the dancing later on was simply epic! Oh, and in the middle of all that we had beautiful sunshine and a stunning sunset. This really was the perfect day and was nothing less than Lauren and Tara deserved.

I really can’t thank Lauren and Tara enough for asking me to be a part of their beautiful day. I absolutely loved it.

Here are just a few of my favourite photographs from what was a very special day.

setting for outdoor farm ceremony
photograph of horse at farm wedding
bunting blowing in the wind
two brides walking towards wedding ceremony on farm
brides walking towards wedding ceremony on family farm
bride hugging friend before wedding ceremony
wide angle photograph of outside wedding ceremony on farm
bride laughing during wedding ceremony
outside wedding ceremony on a farm
bride laughing during rustic wedding ceremony
friend reading poem during outdoor rustic wedding ceremony
laughter and happiness during wedding ceremony
two bride about to kiss during wedding ceremony
wedding guests throwing confetti
friend hugging bride
friend congratulating bride
friends taking selfie with newlyweds
bride hugging two friends
brides hugging friends at farm wedding
friend congratulating both brides
newlywed brides walking away from camera
brides laughing whilst holding hands
brides walking through countryside together
bride giving speech
emotional bride during wedding speeches
bride crying during emotional speech
happy brides looking at each other
happy group wedding photograph
brides dancing together outside at sunset
wedding guests having fun on swing at rustic wedding
portrait of brides laughing at sunset
beautiful photograph of two brides at sunset
wedding guests dancing at rustic wedding on farm
fun on the dancefloor at farm wedding
wedding guest wearing snorkel on dancefloor
band playing at outdoor rustic farm wedding
creative off camera flash portrait of brides



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