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Destination wedding photography across the UK, Europe and Worldwide

Since photographing my first overseas wedding in Cyprus in 2006, being asked by a bride and groom to be their destination wedding photographer has been one of the most exciting things about my job.

I love traveling and have visited lots of different countries such as Costa Rica, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Africa. I love seeing difference cultures. As well as this, photography is my biggest passion in life. So to combine the two is an absolute dream and a huge privilege too.

I have been lucky enough to shoot destination wedding photography in a number of countries across Europe including Italy, France, Greece, Spain and Cyprus – as well as Hong Kong. Traveling to these different countries has been an amazing experience.

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular with couples, as is choosing a UK based photographer to fly out and capture your beautiful day. And this is where I can help you.

Bride and groom portrait in front of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong

Planning a wedding overseas

For bride and grooms, planning a destination wedding is a unique experience. There is a lots of research involved and other things to consider such as travel and hotels. But is also very exciting! Destination weddings are an adventure, a real once in a lifetime experience. Not just for you but for your guests too and there is no reason for you not to have a truly magical day.

Choosing a photographer for your destination wedding can be tricky but it doesn’t have to be. To help, I will always do my best to make things as straightforward for you as I can for my couples. I want the whole process to be as stress free for you as possible. We can meet up at home to discuss everything first and I will always arrange my own flights, travel and accommodation.

Once we have flown out to the country where you are getting married, we can then arrange to meet up and go through everything at your venue before your wedding too. This can take away some of the stress of wedding planning.

sunset photograph of bride in Spain

Why choose a destination wedding photographer?

There are many reasons why couples may decide to ask a UK based photographer to travel overseas to photograph their wedding, rather than asking a photographer based in the country where they are getting married.

One of the main reasons is the language barrier. If you are getting married in a country where English is not the first language, it may prove difficult to find a photographer and also communication with them before and on the day itself may not be easy.

It is also going to be tricky to meet up with them before the wedding too and meeting couples face to face to get to know them better is something which I feel is very important. Not being able to meet someone in person can make choosing your perfect photographer much more difficult.

silhouette of couple at sunset

Why I love photographing weddings overseas

One of the best things about destination wedding photography is that I be able to spend more time with the bride and groom either before or after their wedding day. This means that I get to know you both better before the big day. Which is always nice and can make you feel much more relaxed on the day.

Due to the distances involved and flights, I would always do my best to arrive in the country of the wedding at least a couple of days before the wedding itself. This means that we can always do an engagement shoot a day or two before the wedding. Or even a shoot the day after the wedding. Both of these options can work really well and really add to the whole destination wedding experience. It will also give you more photographs! I always include these options in all my destination wedding packages.

My camera bag is small enough to go in the plane as hand luggage too. So there are no concerns about my lenses, flashes and other equipment being damaged.

You can see an example of a day before shoot on my blog, where I photographed Kelly and Stu’s Tuscany engagement shoot the evening before their wedding day. It was so nice doing this as everything was so relaxed and as you would expect for a summer’s evening Tuscany, the weather was beautiful.

couple kissing in Tuscany


When I am asked to photograph a destination wedding, I like to try and stay in the country for a few days before or after the wedding. This means that I can see more of the country and make a little holiday out of it. Something which is always very welcome! Especially in the summer when I am always very busy. Therefore I try my best to keep expenses to a minimum.

It is impossible to put a set destination wedding package together. The best thing is to please contact me with the details of your wedding. In the meantime, you can see lots of example of my work on my portfolio page and blog.

Wherever in the world you are getting married, I would love to hear from you!

bride and groom at destination wedding in Spain


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