Off camera flash workshop

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Strictly limited to just 5 people

1st March 2016 // SOLD OUT

8th March 2016 // SOLD OUT

6th May 2016 // SOLD OUT

20th September 2016 // SOLD OUT

25th October 2016 // SOLD OUT

21st March 2017 // SOLD OUT

16th May 2017 // SOLD OUT

June 2017 // COMING SOON

All new off camera flash workshop – embrace the darkness!

Following the success of my 6 sold out wedding photography workshops, I am very excited to announce a brand new workshop focused entirely on off camera flash 🙂

Off camera flash is the area that I am asked about the most yet it is something that I haven’t been able to spend too much time on at previous workshops due to trying to pack so much else in. Off camera lighting forms a massive part of my work and during this workshop I will go through everything from the basics of setting up a simple yet beautiful portrait all the way through to creating epic portraits which will wow your bride and grooms!

“A huge thanks for yesterday’s workshop. I took so much from it, it was the perfect blend of info and practical and you delivered it in such a clear and easy to understand way, it was great fun. I’ve never been a very technical person so have always just tried to improve every wedding by being inspired by others and trying to figure out how they’d done it.” Dave Scholes

Wedisson award winning photograph taken at Colshaw Hall in Cheshire

Evening light, sunset and darkness

The best time of day for creative flash images is in the evening as the light starts to go down, therefore this workshop will start at 6pm and finish at 10pm. Due to this I won’t be using an indoor venue, I will be holding the workshop entirely outside in either Salford Quays or Manchester City Centre.

If it rains …we get wet! But it means that we will get some amazing rain images 🙂

“Thank you again so much Neil, the workshop was just beyond incredible!” William Stockton

award winning wedding photograph taken at Colshaw Hall in Cheshire


I use and absolutely love Phottix triggers. I use both the Odin and Strato triggers depending on the photograph I am taking. As I will explain on the workshop they each have their own advantages depending on the situation.

To ensure the workshop runs as efficiently as possible, I will be asking everyone who attends to ensure that they have their own Phottix Strato trigger. Even though I use Nikon cameras and speedlights, the Canon Strato will also trigger Nikon flashes.

Phottix Strato trigger sets can be purchased on Amazon here

I will also use softboxes and a variety of MagMod modifiers.

Although not essential, I would also highly recommend everyone on the workshop owns a loupe like this one, I can’t live without mine!

“Thanks so much for an inspirational and informative day. I can’t wait to put my new skills into practice. I was a bit nervous about the workshop but you were great and put me at ease.”  Vicky Magee

award winning wedding photograph of bride and groom at Sandhole Oak Barn

Limited to just 5 photographers

I want everyone who attends the workshop to not only come away with awesome images but also to make sure you gain the confidence and knowledge to take your own killer off camera flash photographs in the future. To do this I will be limiting the workshop to just 5 people. This ensures that I will be able to give you individual help and support to make sure that you understand exactly what you are doing and also allows you enough time to take your own shots.

It also means that the workshop will book out quickly so don’t delay…!

“There was a level of trust rarely seen between mentor and students and whilst your photography needs no introduction whatsoever, your style of presentation is first class. You had everybody in the palm of your hand and for me it has and will always be a day I will never forget along my exciting photography road ahead. It is with total respect that you are held in such high regard with the people who know you and it really was a joy to be taught. You seem to have galvanized people into changing how they feel about wedding photography and I can only commend you for that. It is indeed a rare skill.”
Rob Bradshaw

International award winning wedding photography
“I learnt so much. Neil’s workshop has completely changed the way I’ll use my camera and the images I produced were awesome.”
Andy Griffiths

off camera flash portrait of bride and groom on the beach at sunset

Invitation to join an awesome Facebook community

One of the things I am most proud of from the workshops which I have run is the amazing Facebook group which has developed from all the people who have attended the workshops. The group has developed in to a really great community with everyone helping each other, offering advice, asking questions and passing on referrals. Everyone who attends one of my workshops is invited to join the group and become part of this fantastic community.

“Brilliant day & workshop. I’m so glad I booked when I did as the spots sold out quickly! I learnt so much from Neil, most importantly changing my mindset & getting inspired to be more creative. I also met a bunch of great people and had good giggle!”
Marina Walker

A debrief over a couple of well deserved drinks!

As with every workshop I run, once we have put the cameras away I will be inviting everyone to join me for a drink in a nearby pub. It is a chance for us all to unwind and look through the images we have just taken. We may not have long as the workshop finishes late but we’ll make the most of the time we have!

evening portrait of bride in Manchester city centre

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