Lightroom LIVE

Online Lightroom editing workshop

Lightroom Live
Online Lightroom editing workshop

Tuesday 25th february 2020 – 20.00GMT

I am delighted to announce a new date for my ‘Lightroom Live‘ online workshop. In this two hour webinar I will show you, via sharing my screen, exactly how I edit my images in Adobe Lightroom.

The feedback I received from the first Lightroom Live workshops in 2019 was excellent so I am now extremely excited to announce another date on Tuesday 25th February at 8pm GMT.

As well as talking you through how I cull and import images in to Lightroom, I will talk you through my presets and exactly how I edit my images, using brushes and filters, to give my wedding photographs the wow factor. This is the perfect online workshop for wedding photographers who want to learn how to use Adobe Lightroom to its full potential and to make the most of their photographs.

Throughout the webinar you will be welcome to ask any questions in the chat window and I will answer them as I edit.


Please note that a recording of the webinar will be available to attendees for two weeks following the webinar, so even if you aren’t able to make the event live, you can still watch it if you book on.

I am so excited for the webinar and can’t wait to share everything I know about editing in Adobe Lightroom!

Details of how to book can be found at the bottom of this page

It’s not often that a wedding photographer right at the top of their game is open to share their editing techniques so hearing that the first subject for broadcast on Neil’s first ever webinar was how he edits his amazing images really appealed to me. Watching Neil editing live, and seeing him respond in real time to questions from others, was hugely beneficial in terms of new learning and insight into how he achieves such wonderfully edited images.

Mark Ewels

Mark Ewels Photography

You are a genius!! Thank you for such an amazing, no-holds barred insight into how you work within Lightroom. It was a completely different way of working than I’m used to and for the better might I add. Some of the techniques you revealed made so much sense once you had broken them down and they all seem super easy to implement into my editing workflow. I am so excited to start using them on a wedding and I am now currently going through my entire portfolio to see where I can improve.

Martyn Hand

Martyn Hand Photography

The communication has been fantastic, so easy to join & use the Webinar. Very informative and you explained everything you did during the session in detail. I picked up some great tips that I’m looking forward to trying out and so glad I booked. Thank you again!

Adele Tate

Adele Tate Photography

Lightroom top tips, hints and shortcuts that save time, making my workflow more productive and making me produce better edited images for my wedding clients

Alex Ford

Alex Ford Photography

I thought I knew so much in Lightroom but no, you opened my eyes to so many things. Thank you Neil


Eleven06 Photography

Fantastic webinar by Neil. Some awesome tips which I am now going to introduce to edit my own wedding images. I thought I was a really good editor with Lightroom but Neil has shown me a lot more. I can’t recommend Neil highly enough, what a fantastic photographer and teacher. Thanks again, Neil.

Nick Haigh

Nick Haigh Wedding Photography

Book your place

Below are the dates and time of my future Lightroom Live webinars. The webinar will last for approximately two hours (and I won’t finish until I have answered all the questions asked on the webinar).

A recording of the webinar will be available for two weeks after the webinar to all attendees (this will be sent to you as a Dropbox link), so if you aren’t able to attend the webinar you can still watch it if you book a place.

To book your place simply click on the link to be taken to the registration page. Places on the webinar are £39.95.

Please note that all payments are non-refundable.

Tuesday 25th February 2020, 20.00GMT

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