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I am been educating and supporting other wedding photographers for the past 8 years through wedding photography workshops and online webinars. In 2020, I set up my Patreon – the new home of ALL my online training and educational resources.

My sole aim with the Patreon is to help YOU  improve your photography and grow your wedding photography business.

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What is the Patreon?

My Patreon is the home of all my online wedding photography education. It is the place where I upload exclusive videos (including How I Shot it videos, editing tutorials, business advice videos), I post early access links to all my YouTube videos (plus bonus content) and Patreon is also the place where I host regular live streams on topics suggested by members.

It is a huge resource where I store all my online training content. 

Be part of an amazing and supportive community

Since its creation in May 2020, the Patreon now has over 200 members who are wedding photographers from all around the world. The private Facebook group has become an amazing community of photographers all supporting each other and most importantly, who are happy to share their experiences and tips so that we all improve together. Every photographer in the community is there for the same reason – to learn, improve and grow their business and everyone helps each other to achieve those goals.

If you are a wedding photographer who would like to learn, improve as a photographer and grow your business, I believe that my Patreon is perfect for you.

More than just videos and live streams …my Patreon is all about COMMUNITY

As soon as you join the Patreon I will invite you to join the exclusive, members only Facebook group, which is an unbelievably supportive community of photographers from all around the world, all helping each other. I could not be prouder of our Patreon community – it has developed in to an extremely welcoming and close group which I guarantee you will be pleased to be a part of.

What topics do you cover on the live streams?

I hold at least two live streams in the Patreon every month – every member is welcome to join and they can be a great way of asking me questions but also to get the opinion and advice of other members too. The live streams are also invaluable in terms of building community and friendships.

In the last couple of months on the live streams I have critiqued images sent in to me by Patrons, talked through a complete wedding from start to finish (including showing every RAW file), editing live streams and we have had fantastic discussions on Facebook ads, critiqued websites and also had fantastic discussions on how to grow a wedding photography business in 2020.

Every live stream is recorded and available to rewatch in the Patreon the following day so even if you are not able to make the live stream then you can always catch up later.

I always welcome suggestions for live stream topics from members so if you join please feel free to let me know what topics you would like me to cover

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Joining Neil’s Patreon has been one of the best investements I have made in developing my wedding photography skills. Not only have I learnt countless tips but in joining Neil’s Patreon I am now a member of a fantastic community of wedding photographers who all support and encourage each other


Matt Trott Photography

Number of 2 hour+ live streams available to rewatch


  • Instant access to 350+ hours of exclusive content
  • Membership of private Facebook group for Patreon members
  • Access to regular Patreon only videos
  • Access to at least three live streams a month
  • Early access to every YouTube video PLUS bonus content
  • Ability to submit your images for regular critique sessions
  • Complete LIGHTROOM LIVE webinar & various editing tutorials
  • Discounts off my wedding photography workshops

Hours worth of exclusive Patreon content

Since joining Neil’s Patreon I have learnt new, creative techniques. I have also started to think more about emotive shooting. Being a member is not just great for inspiration and technique but also for being being a part of a like minded generous community of which I’m so glad I joined

Free Spirit Photography

Neil’s Patreon is informative, entertaining, and inspiring. He shares expertise and techniques sensibly and simply. The community that is growing around the Patreon similarly encompasses his ethos of sharing, generosity and positivity.

Alex Ford Photography

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Since joining Neil’s Patreon I have learned lots of new ideas and techniques for doing the more creative portrait shots I want to create for my clients. I am really interested in off camera flash and Neil’s videos are a great inspiration and his “walk throughs” are fantastic for tutorial purposes. Thank you Neil for all the hints and tips.

Jane Ball Photography

Originally I found Neil’s training wedding workshops and then was so pleased that I could continue to receive his insights, descriptive videos and quality content in his Patreon channel. It is a small investment for such more discussion, continuous learning from Neil and input and support from other fellow professional photographers.

Caroline Rushton Photography

Neil’s Patreon has been one of the best investments I have made in the past year. The subscription is well worth every penny for one of the strongest profession specific groups I have ever experienced. Neil has taken the time to understand the wants and needs of fellow professionals and delivers his content in a slick, professional manner whilst keeping it fun for everyone. An absolute must for any one looking to take their business and photography to the next level.

West Coast Photos

I started off with watching Neil’s YouTube videos, they really helped me grow as a photographer. When he introduced Patreon I knew there was no way I could turn that down. Being a Patreon member has helped me become a better photographer, not just that, lately due to the situation around the world I started losing interest in photography. Neil inspired me to start photography again and look at it in a complete different way. He is always there to answer any question and motivate everyone. Definitely worth every penny!

SQ Photography

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If you’re thinking about joining Neil’s Patreon then just do it. It is full of fantastic and informative content. A very friendly and supportive group too. Why pay several £100’s to attend workshops when this is all you need! Awesome stuff and a great investment in your business

Nick Haigh Photography

I first met Neil when he delivered an off camera flash workshop.Top guy, top photographer and someone who is prepared to share his experience ( and mistakes) for the benefit of all. The Patreon platform is informative and fun and I wish it had been available a few years ago.

Paul Moore Photography

The way Neil delivers his Patreon is like being able to ring your friend and ask for advice. I have found the discussions both informative and interesting and any question will be answered throughly I have subscribed to other Patreons in the past but it has never felt this personal or such good value for money. We have a great group of photographers and have regular discussions. I would definitely recommend this if your wanting to know more and better your workflow and skills.

Matt Moore Photography

Investing in Neil’s Patreon was a no-brainer for me – interesting & varied content that addresses real business & photography issues and concerns. Neil and the members of his Patreon are practically available 24/7 and offer helpful, constructive and ALWAYS positive feedback & advice to tap into. Great little community and definitely a worthwhile investment in your business, thanks for setting it up Neil!

Babs Boardwell Photography

Why should I join?

If you want to improve your photography skills and grow your wedding photography business, the Patreon is for YOU

Receive help and advice on every part of being a wedding photographer, from camera settings, to posing couples, mindset, confidence, equipment and every aspect of running a successful business.

Become part of a community of like minded wedding photographers who are ALL learning and improving together and sharing advice and tips.

Instant access to 350+ hours of exclusive Patreon only content, which is increasing every week

I will support as much as I can to help you become the best wedding photographer you can be

The MagMod Master reveals all on Patreon! Neil Redfern’s Patreon is ‘THE’ best value group I have ever joined, there’s so much value it’s crazy! Neils approach to teaching is open and transparent and the content just keeps on coming! Aside from Neils content being excellent the group of Patreons is also very welcoming and supportive! Everyone just want everyone to learn and be the best they can! If you love his YouTube channel, you’re gonna love the Patreon group

Robert Nelson Photography

If you are thinking of joining Neil’s Patreon group trust me you won’t regret it. The group is one of the best if not the best photography groups to be in. The amount of content that Neil posts is amazing and he just tells you everything he knows with nothing held back. The group itself is very friendly and everyone helps each other. If I had to pick one photography group to be in this would be the one.

Philip Antrobus Photography

Neil Redfern has been a total godsend for a creativity boost. I’ve been a photographer for decades but his easy going laid back manner and way of explaining how he works has really stimulated my creativity to a next level and now feel more creative and able to see things in a different way. His unique tips on how to easily make your images more ‘creative’ using items like crystals…his workflow tips and Lightroom presets have been a massive bonus since joining as a Patreon member. Keep up the amazing work Neil.

Image Capture Photography

The best £6.95 you will ever spend!

Martin C Photography

He’s like a wizard, but with his camera instead of a magic wand!

Lightbox Studios

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