All new for 2021 - TWO day summer workshop!

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Workshop 1
Shooting day: 2nd June 2021
Editing day: 7th June 2021

Workshop 2
Shooting day: 9th June 2021
Editing day: 14th June 2021


Abbeywood Estate, Cheshire, UK


Strictly limited to just 8 people


I am so excited to announce my all new workshop for the summer, a TWO DAY wedding photography learning experience!

The workshop will consist of one full day of shooting with two couples in one of Cheshire’s best wedding venues, then a second day over Zoom, where we critique the images taken on the shoot day and I will live edit the images on stream to show you exactly how I give them the WOW factor in Lightroom.

This is my first ever two day workshop and the extra time will allow me to share with you all the experience and knowledge I have in creating beautiful portraits which your couples will love. Both how I take the images with my camera and how I edit them afterwards.

If you want to improve your wedding photography portrait skills, learn how to maximise light, create moments, grow your portfolio and also editing techniques to really make your images stand out – this is the workshop for you!

summer wedding photography workshop


Day one of the workshop is all about being out with our cameras and shooting! The day will start at 12 noon, we will start shooting at 1.30pm and we will finish around 9pm – this will allow us to make use of golden hour and shoot through sunset for the best light possible.

7 hours of shooting to ensure you leave with a wide variety of awesome images

We will shoot two different couples on the day and will stop for lunch half way through the day. It will be a long day but it will also be a really fun day!

I will show you exactly how I pose and work with my couples to create portraits which will really stand out.

As there will only be 8 photographers on the workshop you will get plenty of time to shoot each of our couples to ensure that you leave the day with lots of images which you are then free to use on your website and social media.

NOTE: We only have access to the indoor parts of the venue until 5pm – however we can stay on site until 9pm to allow us to make best use of the evening natural light


Day two will take place a few days after day one and will be held online over Zoom. We will start the group Zoom session between all the attendees at 12 noon and will finish around 4pm.

We will start the group session by critiquing the images taken on the shooting day (only if you want to do this – although I promise you that critique is a fantastic way to learn). Good critique is always supportive and encouraging and I can assure that it is nothing to be scared of!

I will then go on to show you exactly how I edit the images which I took on the first day in Adobe Lightroom using my presets and brushes.

As day 2 will take place on Zoom it will be extremely interactive and you are welcome to ask any questions you may have on the stream. I can’t wait!

NOTE: The stream will be recorded and available for attendees to rewatch for 1 month after the workshop so even if you cannot attend the stream live you can still rewatch the recording for 1 month after the workshop.

“Phenominal Photographer! Wonderful workshop! Vibrant & versatile venue! I learnt more in one day with Neil that I would have done on a 2 year BA (Hons) course & even had an epiphany moment with my manual flash!! Now not many people can say they’ve given me one of those!! I cannot thank or recommend Neil enough! Certainly some of the best time & money I’ve ever spent”
Karen Clark

“When I first came across Neil’s work I was immediately blown away and knew that I wanted to learn from him. After deciding to go on one of Neil’s workshops I was extremely excited to learn some of his techniques as well as the processes he uses to achieve such remarkable imagery. He did not disappoint and was so enthusiastic about helping all of the attendees learn no matter what level of photography they were currently at. I would highly recommend Neil’s workshops to anybody who is wanting to take better photographs. Neil has rejuvenated my approach to photographing weddings and I cannot thank him enough!”
Martin Bell

“Learning new skills is important to me and learning from someone whose work I look at and love is even better. Neil is at the top of his game and made everything easy to understand and gave me new confidence. Not only did i get to learn some awesome techniques and skills I got to meet some great photographers and build a network of people wanting to help each other get better and progress and support each other. Well worth getting on one of these workshops!”
Nik Bryant

bride in field with flowers

Gain the skills to create beautiful portraits which your couples will LOVE!

  • Maximise natural light

  • Pose your couples with confidence

  • Create genuine moments and emotion

  • Go to poses and set ups which will give you awesome images regardless of the weather

  • Enhance your portfolio

  • Receive supportive and encouraging critique

  • Give your images impact and punch in Lightroom to really make them stand out


2nd June 2021: SHOOTING DAY



9th June 2021: SHOOTING DAY


Give your images the wow factor in Lightroom!

On day two of the workshop I will show you exactly how I edit in Lightroom by live editing the images which I take on day one of the workshop. I will show you step by step, my process and workflow and how I use my own Lightroom presets and brushes to give my images punch and vibrancy.

If you would like to purchase my Lightroom preset pack, you can do so here

Preset pack before and after 018 Preset pack before and after 017
Preset pack before and after 002 Preset pack before and after 001

Natural light portraits and posing

I will demonstrate to you how I shoot in natural light – both indoors and outdoors – and how I communicate with my bride and grooms to bring out and capture real emotion. Creating emotion and moments within portraits is one of the most important elements to take a shot from good to great, and on this workshop I will show you tricks and games which you can play to do just that and which you can then take away and use on your own couples to help take your images to a whole new level!

The couples who book me to photograph their wedding don’t want to be overly posed and I don’t want to overly pose them. They always prefer relaxed images. But I do give them some suggestions so that we get the most out of the light without anything being forced. Posing without posing!

Utilising the natural light makes all the difference between a good and a bad photograph. As I will show you!

beautiful portrait of bride in forest

Workshop places will be available first to members of my Patreon. Patreon members will also receive a £55 discount off the cost of the workshop – click here to find out more about the benefits of membership!

“I learnt so much, and it was awesome to see what makes you tick to get those shots. its these experiences in life that you never forget. so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Truly epic Neil! x”

Wing Kay Chan

“Brilliant day & workshop. I’m so glad I booked when I did as the spots sold out quickly! I learnt so much from Neil, most importantly changing my mindset & getting inspired to be more creative. I also met a bunch of great people and had good giggle!”
Marina Walker

beautiful portrait of bride in forest

Tips and tricks for awesome creative wedding photographs

One of the things I most enjoy showing people on my wedding photography workshops is some simple tricks which you can use to instantly take your portraits from good to awesome!

Some of these I do using some of the more ‘unusual’ things in my camera bag (don’t be scared!) whilst a couple of others can be done by things which you can find around you at any wedding venue.

I love to get creative and by showing you these tips and tricks, a whole world of creative potential will open up to you so that you can start shooting in a way which you hadn’t thought of before.

Abbeywood Estate – one of the North West’s most beautiful wedding venues

The workshop shooting day will take place at the stunning Abbeywood Estate in Cheshire. It is an absolutely beautiful venue with stunning grounds which are perfect for wedding photographs. I have been lucky enough to photograph real weddings at Abbeywood Estate and have loved them.

Abbeywood Estate is located right on the edge of the famous Delamere Forest and we will spend part of the day in the forest to create some really unique and amazing portraits. It is a venue which is guaranteed to give amazing images!

beautiful portrait of bride in forest
“I have admired Neil’s creative work for a long time and when I heard about his workshop, I was very keen to book. The workshop was incredibly inspiring. Neil is a great people person and did not make me feel inadequate and made me realise even the great photographers started somewhere years ago! I cannot wait to apply things that I have learnt on up and coming weddings. Thank you Neil, you have given me the push to become even more creative and think out side the box to make the ordinary look extraordinary! Thank you!”
Charlotte Giddings

“Neil you are a wizard in the world of photography, your eyes see what others don’t and your mind thinks outside the box. I have been on numerous workshops for different photography areas but yours is by far the best I have been on. I learnt things I would never even of considered or realised had I not of seen you in action. I think you should be really pleased with how well your workshops work and the community you have build because of them.”
Stacey Leather

“Neil’s workshop was fantastic. The day was jam-packed with brilliant tips, tricks, advice and fun. Great models and a gorgeous venue. Neil gave us many valuable insights into his business, including practical shooting and workflow suggestions that can be implemented immediately. The day was conducted with warmth and humility throughout, both from the Neil and from the attendees who threw themselves into the experience completely. I came away with new friends: inspired, enthused and ready to step up. Thanks Neil!”
Jim Ross

Frequently asked questions

Can I use the images which I take on the day on my social media?

Yes of course! The images which you take on the workshop are yours to use and you are more than welcome to use them on your website and social media.

What equipment will I need?

It is entirely up to you which equipment you bring. I shoot almost exclusively with 35mm and 85mm lenses and will use those for the whole day. Most of the day will be natural light but we will cover off camera flash on the day too and you will need to bring your own flashes and triggers if you would like to use off camera flash.

Will lunch be provided?

Yes! You will be able to choose your lunch on the day from the venue’s lunch menu and this will be included as part of the workshop – you can choose either a main meal such as a burger or fish and chips or something lighter like a salad or a sandwich. Drinks will also br provided throughout the day.

What level of experience do I need?

The workshop will be suitable for both beginners and more experienced photographers. I am confident that whether you have not shot a wedding yet, or if you have been shooting for a long time, you will leave with new skills, lots of inspiration and a set of images which you are very proud of.

What are the timings? 

Day one of the workshop will start at 12 noon and we will start shooting at 1pm. The day will finish at approximately 9pm to allow us to shoot during what will hopefully be a dramatic sunset! Day 2, which will be online via Zoom, will start at 12 noon and will last for approximately 4 hours.

How much does the workshop cost?

A place on the two day workshop costs £395 for members of my Patreon and £450 for non-members. To receive the discounted rate you must be a member of the Patreon in May 2021 – membership only costs £6.95 a month so it is well worth joining to take advantage of the discount! Click here to find out all about the benefits of joining the Patreon!

Are places refundable?

Places on the workshop are non-refundable unless the date is cancelled by Neil, the organiser. Places can however be transferred to another photographer if you are unable to attend.

How do I book?

Details of how to book will first of all be offered to members of my Patreon on a first come first served basis for 48 hours. If any places are still available after this, I will email details of how to book to my mailing list so please sign up at the top of this page and if there are places available after the Patreon I will email you with details.

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