Engagement shoot in Hong Kong

Laura & Aaron

I have been lucky enough to have done shoots in some incredible places but I think it’s fair to say that Laura and Aaron’s engagement shoot in Hong Kong just about tops the lots in terms of amazing locations!

When Laura and Aaron asked if I would like to photograph their wedding in Hong Kong, not only did I jump at the opportunity (who wouldn’t?!) I also suggested that we spend some time taking portraits on a separate day. It would have seemed a shame to travel so far to such an incredible place as Hong Kong and not spend some time taking portraits around this stunning city.

Strictly speaking this wasn’t actually an engagement shoot as Laura and Aaron actually got married in December and had their Hong Kong celebrations and tea ceremony a couple of days before this shoot. Whether it was a post-wedding shoot, or a portrait shoot though, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that we had an awesome time spending taking photographs in one of the most vibrant and exciting locations I have ever shot in.

Laura, Aaron and I met up around an hour or so before sunset in Kowloon Park. I had visited the park and the other places that we went to (China Hong Kong City and the pier overlooking Victoria Harbour) a few days earlier when I was out and about taking some personal photographs (which you can see here) and thought it would make a great place to start.

Unfortunately we didn’t have the sunset I was hoping for but that didn’t matter too much because the view we had over Victoria Harbour once it went dark was just incredible and I love those photographs.

Thank you so much again Laura and Aaron for this opportunity and I am so pleased you are so happy with your photographs.

engagement shoot photograph in Kowloon Park in Hong Kong
creative engagement photo at china hong kong city
engagement portrait photo of couple at china hong kong city
creative pre-wedding photograph of bride and groom in Hong Kong
creative portrait of couple at Victoria Harbour in HK
off camera flash portrait of bride and groom in front of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong
creative flash portrait of couple in Hong Kong

Here are a couple of behind the scenes videos of how I shot a couple of my favourite photographs from this shoot. As well as explaining what my set-up was for each of these images, I also show how I edited them to create the final photographs which you see above.

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