Indian Haldi ceremony

Nina & Nima

Haldi ceremony photography

I had been looking forward to Nina and Nima’s Haldi ceremony ever since they booked me to photograph their wedding celebrations and just as I had hoped it would be, it was an absolutely fantastic day to be a part of!

The blessing and Haldi ceremony (sometimes called pithi ceremony) took place in a specially constructed marquee, which looked absolutely amazing, in Nina’s parent’s garden and was attended by Nina and Nima’s close family and friends.

I love photography ceremonies from other cultures and it was fascinating to capture this blessing.

The first part was conducted by an priest and involved a number of traditional Indian rituals. The second half, and the part which I had been looking forward to the most, involved all the wedding guests putting the Haldi (or turmeric) on to Nina and Nima in the belief that it will ward off evil spirits for the bride and groom and for a photographer, this part of the ceremony is amazing!

The Haldi ceremony is so colourful and vibrant and so much fun to photograph. The turmeric paste is put on to five places on the bride and groom; the feet, knees, hands, arm and face. It is definitely fair to say that no one held back with the amount of paste they were putting on to Nina and Nima, Nima especially was absolutely caked in turmeric by the end!

Following the Haldi ceremony everyone enjoyed the rest of day by talking, eating, drinking and dancing. The ceremony were just a few days before the actual wedding day and it was such a relaxed and happy atmosphere and the perfect way to start off all the official celebrations.

You can view my favourite photographs from Nina and Nima’s Indian wedding day here 🙂

photograph of hindu wedding blessing
Indian bride looking at priest during Indian wedding blessing
photograph of Indian wedding blessing
bride and parents praying during Haldi ceremony
family laughing with priest during Haldi ceremony
close up of Priest tying string on bride's hand
bride looking at priest during Haldi ceremony
priest and groom during Haldi ceremony
bride smiling during Haldi wedding ceremony
wedding guest putting turmeric on groom's face
wedding guest kissing bride during Haldi ceremony
groom laughing during Haldi ceremony
best man putting turmeric during Indian Haldi ceremony
bride and groom laughing during Indian Haldi ceremony
happy Indian bride smiling at groom
bridesmaid applying turmeric on to groom
laughter during Indian Haldi ceremony
turmeric during Indian Haldi ceremony
wedding guests laughing
make-up artist putting on glitter
make-up artist putting glitter on wedding guest
wedding guests laughing
bride and groom smiling at Indian Haldi ceremony
wedding guests laughing together
silhouette of make-up artist putting on glitter
bride laughing with glitter on face at Haldi ceremony
wedding guests at Haldi ceremony
guests dancing at Indian wedding celebration
dancing at Indian Haldi ceremony
guests dancing at Haldi ceremony

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