Brussels portrait shoot with Rubia Stri

Last week myself and four other awesome photographer friends (Toni Darcy, Kelly Clarke, Phil Smith and Rafe Abrook) spent two nights in Brussels. We had such an amazing time, full of belly laughs, drinks, dancing, malibu, laughs, crisps, walking, hangovers, more dancing, tequila and lots more laughing.

We also found time to spend an afternoon with a fantastic model called Rubia Stri. Unfortunately the weather when we arrived in Brussels and were due to meet Rubia, was absolutely terrible. The rain was bouncing and within a few minutes of walking we were soaked to the skin – literally. Luckily though the apartment where we were staying was huge and we decided to do the shoot in there which was more challenging but made it more fun.

We hadn’t taken much equipment with us, for these photographs I just used a 35mm lens and mainly natural light. I had one speedlight which I used off camera for two of the shots. I didn’t have a modifier so improvised using kitchen towel as a softbox!

Thank you Toni, Kelly, Phil, Rafe, Rubia, Brussels and Tequila for making this such an awesome few days. It was emotional.


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