Metropole Hotel wedding photographs


What an amazing wedding day this was. Two people, clearly made for each other and having the time if their lives, getting married on a beautiful summer’s day. As a photographer, these are the days I love the most.

Jade and Arwel got married at the Metropole Hotel in Llandrindod Wells in Wales. A really lovely town surrounded beautiful countryside.

The whole day was just brilliant with everybody at the wedding was so happy. I am constantly looking to capture emotion, the laughs, tears and smiles, and Jade and Arwel’s day was full of all these things. I couldn’t have enjoyed being a part of it more.

A massive thank you to the always incredible Toni Darcy for helping me at this wedding and for taking so many amazing images. Toni, you are awesome!

To Jade and Arwel, thank you both so much again for asking me to be your wedding photographer. I loved your day and I am so pleased that you are both so happy with your wedding photographs. I wish you both all the very best for your future together – I know you are both going to be so happy.

Thank you so much for all your kind words Jade!

The story of Jade & Arwel’s wedding at the Metropole Hotel in Wales

How did you both meet and how did Arwel proposal?

At my mums farm. Arwel rented the land and came over for a cuppa where I instantly thought he was hot! I didn’t even offer him a cuppa. To be honest, I was so shy I slammed the door shut! A Facebook friend request apologising and the rest is history…

The proposal was …SURPRISING! I had no idea! To be honest, I had given up hinting. It was St Valentine’s Day and also the day before my birthday. He took me to my favourite city, Manchester, and we went to a beautiful restaurant where he popped the question with the most perfect ring.

How did you find wedding planning? Do you have any tips for other brides?

I loved every minute of it. I can honestly say it was the best thing I’ve ever done and so many of my friends and family could not understand how I was so calm and collected. I’m organised and had everything under control so I knew our day would be perfect. My advice to other brides to be is stay calm, make time to plan everything in advance (it’s never too early) and stick to your guns. Remember it’s your day, not your parents or in laws or bridesmaids… it’s what you want and as long as you listen to opinion it’s your final choice in the end. Top tip once you’ve decided on something do not keep looking. If it’s ticked off the list then you no longer need to look.

Why choose The Metropole Hotel in Llandrindod Wells as your wedding venue?

It’s the first place we both loved and was big enough for all our wedding guests. Location was perfect and it had 3 hotels all within walking distance with different price ranges to suit all our guests. It offered everything I had dreamt of and nothing was too much trouble.

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?

This is hard. I don’t regret one thing of our wedding and wouldn’t change anything if I did it all over again. I probably loved our horse and carriage the most. Getting in that with first my dad then my new husband and spending our first hour together as Mr & Mrs was amazing.

Which is your favourite wedding photograph?

My favourite wedding photographs are literally all of them. They are perfect. If i had to choose they are probably the photographs we had by the lake; they are stunning and show the pure happiness we both felt. Neil captured the real laughs, the real love and true emotion of how we felt on our day.

The rain photographs were amazing. Our day was nearly over yet that photograph shows we had the most magical day possible. And our photo in the trees with the sunlight beaming through on to me was just so clever, imaginative and beautiful.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day?

Our wedding day was perfect. There were four things I would not back down on and not compromise and wow aren’t I glad that I didn’t. And so is my husband and family.

1. My wedding photographer – Neil has given us photographs which we can look back on every day, month, week and year. When it comes to the one day of your life which you will never get back or do again you don’t want to regret not having what you deserve. Don’t settle for someone who sees it as just a ‘job’ or a few pounds in the bank. Choose someone with passion, imagination and love for not just their job but something they have dreamt about doing and their determination. Wedding photographers only get one chance to get it right and the good one go above and beyond your expectations.

2. My cake – I knew I wanted big, beautiful and different. And wow, didn’t I get it! Heavenly knew me and what I wanted they listened and got every bit of detail right. The important thing was it was exactly what I wanted. It tasted great too!

3. My horse and carriage – I wanted that classy princess moment with my dad and my husband and it was perfect. Exactly what I had always imagined and more. Our guests loved the horses and enjoyed feeding them polo mints!

4. My Flowers – I have known what I wanted from the age of 3 as my Nan had the most beautiful garden and I always admired her gorgeous flowers. They smelt amazing. As my Nan is no longer with us this was the perfect way for her to be a part of our wedding day. They reminded me all day that she was there in our hearts.


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